Current Occupant

drawings, Illustration, mail

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began I have been culling my lived experiences for ways to connect to strangers. Practicing social distancing, my part time jobs shuttered or cancelled, sheltering in place, and the necessity of confronting financial precariousness has provoked me into active reminiscing, and reflecting on the places I have lived and how each place affected my sense of stability. Perhaps I am simply missing places and people more acutely now that I do not have access to them. Although I certainly wish to see family and friends in person again, phone and video calls allow me to connect with them meaningfully. What I realized is strikingly absent, is the opportunity for me to be a stranger to someone. My effort to recover (or replenish?) these encounters is called Current Occupant. The project begins with hand drawing my memory of each residence I have lived in. This image and a letter was then sent to the current occupant of each address, a complete stranger to me. The endeavor is an offering,  an autobiography, a memory palace, and an ode to that which exists only in memories.

Each original drawing is 6 x 8 inches, ink on bristol.

A handmade artists book of this project is available here.

Click on each image to read more about each residence.