Antarctica With/Without

Antarctica, drawings

Installations variable. Includes Graphite on Wall, Handcut Archival Inkjet Prints, Graphite on Paper. 2004-ongoing

Between 1999 and 2007 I spent four summer seasons working as support staff at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. This project is an ongoing negotiation of my participation and observation of human intervention in the ice landscape, and includes photographs (sometimes with handcut surfaces) and drawings.

A Passage from Proust

drawings, Illustration

Ink and Colored Pencil on Paper, 2015

I had the special privilege to illustrate and hand letter a passage from Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time in honor of the book which was read nightly, aloud, throughout a pregnancy in preparation for a daughter to be born. A beautiful girl she is!

Riffing on the linden blossom tea and the time of year (nearing July) I made a fireworks display of linden leaves and blossoms to loosely frame an oval of text.


Scraps (Processed)


Paper, Thread. 2015

In 2014 I performed the Postcard Machine (Possibly from the Future) at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts during their Open City/Art City Symposium. I brought 500 postcards, plus enough materials for visitors to make their own postcards envisioning their future cities. After preparing the postcards and materials for the gig, I was left with this lovely pile of scraps. They awaited processing patiently on the studio floor until a frenzied week of weaving and sewing ensued. Bibliography at the time: Waste and Want, A Social History of Trash, Susan Strasser.

Inhabitable Postcards


Quilted Printed Fabric and thread. 2014


An indoor picnic on inhabitable postcards

In the spring of 2014 I participated in a Studio Seminar as a part of the Global Urban Humanities Initiative at UC Berkeley. Our Seminar was called No Cruising: Mobile Identities and Urban Life in Los Angeles and we made several trips to LA over the course of the spring. My focus became researching the Minnesota Picnics which were part of a larger series of picnics held by midwestern states-people who identified as Minnesotan, Iowan, etc… but lived in Los Angeles in the 20th Century.  My aunt, a Minnesotan currently in her 70s had lived in LA for a year with my grandmother at some point near the end of the 1940’s. Through my interview with her I discovered that they went there for a year to accompany a friend whose daughter was unwell and it was believed that the Southern California climate would help heal her ailments. She never attended a Minnesota picnic but I found several newspaper clippings for the once annual event. At the Long Beach historical society I got to look at their collection of historic photographs from the Iowa Picnics that were traditionally held at Bixby Park. Inspired by images of those mid 20th century pictures I set out to photograph the sites as they stand now, and made picnic blanket quilts based on my photographs. After presenting them in our final seminar, we enjoyed a picnic lunch on the blankets, prompting a guest critic to call them Inhabitable Postcards.

05Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.30.02 PM2_MN_street.jpg 04Picture 20

02LA_Picnic_Blankets_050714_0005 03LA_Picnic_Blankets_050714_0003DETAIL06LA_Picnic_Blankets_050714_0013 04LA_Picnic_Blankets_050714_001108LA_Picnic_Blankets_050714_0017 09LA_Picnic_Blankets_050714_001912LA_Picnic_050914_0028 13LA_Picnic_050914_0034

Scavenging Sculptures


Graphite on Paper, C-Prints, Gelatin Silver Prints. 20 x 24 inches each. 2013

I lived in West Oakland from 2007-2013, across the street from a cement factory and near a metal recycling facility. Trucks line up on the street to await their turn to drop the scavenged materials at the recycling plant. I spent time on the street with the drivers and their trucks by using my large format camera to photograph them, and then continued the process by drawing the trucks. Acting as a scavenger myself, I redrew these delicate temporary sculptures as an effort to honor the work of accumulating and building the trash heaps in the first place.
Truck_04 Truck_03 Truck_02 Truck_01 07_2012_RecyclingTrucks011_L 07_2012_RecyclingTrucks005_L 07_2012_RecyclingTrucks002_L 03_2012_trucks_L 03_2012_trucks_006_L 03_2012_trucks_001_L

blue bottle coffee, drawings, Illustration

I started working in the office at Blue Bottle in 2007 and over the course of seven years wore many hats: Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Production Artist. During my time there my illustrations were used throughout the company: in-house events, point of sale signage, retail merchandise, a coloring book and in 2012 in The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee (published by Ten Speed Press.) Although I’m not a fixture in the office anymore, I still do illustration for Blue Bottle Coffee. Here are some examples of the work. More on view throughout too!